Setup Tips


Tips for setting up the party

pink crown Party can be indoors or covered outdoors.

pink crownAccess will be needed to a powerpoint for spa’s and sound system.

pink crownAccess to water will be needed (to fill foot spa’s & wash basins).

pink crownOne table for hostess to sit to do nails and another for 3 little ladies to remove their facials.

pink crownA chair or seat on a lounge for each party guest (hostess will arrange into stations at set up).

pink crownArrange a small area where 3-4 of the guests can lay down at a time.

pink crownArrange for your guests to eat before or after their pampering, so as they don’t miss out on anything.

pink crownThe consent form attached to the invitation will need to signed and returned host before start the party.

pink crownTreatments cannot be performed until all consent forms are received.